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Award Winning Yards The ACC thanks the many homeowners who do such an outstanding job with their property in helping to contribute to the overall appearance of Watters Crossing. We are pleased to announce the August 2014 Award Winning Yard!
ACC Meeting The next meeting of the Architectural Control Committee will be on Tuesday January 27th, 2015 at the Watters Crossing Clubhouse at 7:00 PM. Visit the Architectural Control Page for details and view the procedure for submitting requests.


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Watters Crossing Clubhouse Pool Rebuild

With your 2015 Watters Crossing dues statement for 2015 you will also find a special assessment of $100.  The total cost of the work completed at the Club House and Phase I pool was $116,000, The assessment will pay for the work not covered by monies in the HOA’s reserve funds.  While the WCHOA Board makes every attempt to budget for annual operating expenses and for long term needs, there do arise unanticipated events that require monies beyond that provided for in the reserve funds. .  The Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions of Watters Crossing provide the means to address these items thru Special Assessments as outlined in Section 1.2.b.  This one time special assessment is outlined below:

PHASE I POOL / 990 Bel Air Drive / 2014 Work has been Completed / Will be January 2015 Assessment


  • The Phase I pool deck subsided to the point where replacement had to be completed
  • Water lines were in danger of breaking and the City would not provide a permit due to the many tripping hazards unless it was repaired
  • Due to the extent of the subsidence, the entire existing pool deck was removed and replaced.
  • Additionally, newer codes for depth markers, diving callouts, and so on, came into play and these were added with this construction
  • The deck replacement was the bulk of the cost at this pool in 2014.


  • Plastering was done with the rebuild of the deck.  This is routine maintenance.
  • At the same time, the interior perimeter pool tiles and the pool coping were replaced.


  • The existing wrought iron fence was totally replaced with the pool construction as it was no longer code compliant.  Also, as much of it sat on the pool deck, it had to be removed for pool deck work.
  • The installation of a new wrought iron fence permitted the expansion of the pool area to include an older stone patio area that had been left outside the fence area when the original fence was constructed.
  • The decision was made to include this area into the pool rebuild.  It easily expanded the patio area of the Phase I pool providing an area for picnicking that is somewhat removed from the pool proper.  This area was furnished with picnic tables donated to the WCHOA by the City of Allen.


  • The existing pool equipment room was collapsing.  And as it sat on the pool deck, it had to be removed for the deck reconstruction.


  • As many know, the HOA installed a new pool access system this year
  • This card permits access to either of the two Watters Crossing Pools by Watters Crossing residents only.


  • Drought tolerant landscaping was installed in the various planters on the north and east sides of the pool deck.  Irrigation was reworked to a drip type system
  • Lighting and electrical outlets were added for security, safety, convenience, and esthetics.


Photos of the work in process, done early 2014 are located in the Photo Gallery.

We appreciate your understanding and assistance in helping maintaining the integrity of Watters Crossing amenities.


WCHOA Board and Architectural Control Committe Welcome New Members

We are most happy to welcome the following new members to ACC:
Michelle Massi (Irvine Drive), Mike Sayles (Tiburon Court)

The ACC is an appointed committee and each candidate is interviewed by the Board.  We now have two members from Phase I, two members from Phase II, and two members from Phase III.  Please go to the 2015 ACC Members to see all members along with all meeting dates of the ACC for 2015.

We would also like to thank Mike Shisko (Ventura Court) for his many years of service on the ACC.  Mike has moved on and is now Vice President of our Board.   Mike replaces Wayne Aguren who also volunteered for Watters Crossing in several areas over the years.  Wayne was Treasurer a number of years ago and his most recent volunteer spot was Vice President.  Wayne has moved with his wife Susan to downtown Dallas.

We have been looking for a Treasurer for quite some time.  We are very happy to welcome Dan Hall (Bel Air Drive) as new Treasurer for Watters Crossing.  Don replaces Neil D’Cunha (Belvedere Drive).  Neil has served as Treasurer for several years and is a regular in helping at the Spring Party.  While Neil is leaving as Treasurer, we still will see him helping in other areas of Watters Crossing.

Mike will be missed by the ACC.  Wayne and Neil will be missed very much by the Board.  As an all volunteer community, we depend tremendously upon people such as those listed above to make Watters Crossing function.  We would again thank those who stepped up to fill the open positions.  If you are interested in helping out at any event or with any open position, just send an email to anyone below.

Pete March, president@watterscrossing.com
Mary Kuykendall, secretary@watterscrossing.com
Denny Adelman, acc@watterscrossing.com


Architectural Control Committee Revises HVAC Concealment Guidelines

The Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions of Watters Crossing provides for the concealment of HVAC equipment in Section 4.7.u which reads:

“All mechannical equipment including, but not limited to, HAVOC equipment, shall be located on the side or rear of each Lot and shielded from public view from any adjacent street.”

For a number of years, the ACC has accepted concealment of HVAC units in one of two manners:

  1. Fence panel(s), which is a minimum of six feet in height and four feet wide (width is minimum and is dependant upon concealment).  This is the prefereable course of action.
  2. An evergreen shrub / landsdcaping that results in complete concealment within one (1) growing season.

Unfortunately, option two has been less than successful in ensuring compliance with Section 4.7.u in many instances.

Due to this and to ensure that Section 4.7.u is equally applied to all, effective 1/1/2015, the ACC will no longer accept new landscaping as a means of HVAC or mechanical equipment concealment.  We will grandfather all HVAC equipment where landscaping is in place to provide for concealment for one additional year to allow for that years growth.  After 1/1/2016, all HVAC equipments that is not completely concealed by landscaping will be considered to be in violation of Section 4.7.u.  The concealment will need to be completed via option 1 above (fencing).

To Recap:
1/1/2015:  New landscaping will no longer be approved by the ACC as a means of HVAC concealment.
1/1/2016:  All HVAC equipment, where landscaping has been installed as a means of concealment, which is not completely concealed, will be in violation of Section 4.7.u

The members of the ACC believe this will improve the appearance of Watters Crossing by satisfying the specifics in Section 4.7.u.  Thanks for your understanding and help in making Watters Crossing such a great neighborhood in which to live.

Architectural Control Committee


Watters Crossing Clubhouse

Over the past two weeks, the Watters Crossing Clubhouse has been completely repainted, both interior and exterior.  The painters, Fresh Coat Painting, is an Allen company and an outstanding  job was completed.  ( Fresh Coat Painting painted both Watters Crossing swim cabanas in 2013 and has been a regular sponsor of our Spring Party.) 

With the fresh, new appearance of the clubhouse, we would remind all renters of the Clubhouse Rules.  In particular, the following are NOT permitted in the Clubhouse:

  • Tape
  • Staples
  • Helium balloons

The painters removed / patched from much damage caused by staples and tape.  Please do not bring these into the clubhouse for decorations. Regarding helium balloons, the great rooms ceiling fans have been replaced several times with burned out motors due to entangled ribbons and deflated balloons.  Balloons are fine, but not with helium.

Also, like many other roofs within Watters Crossing, the Clubhouse roof will be replaced within the next month or so.

The Clubhouse, along with the adjacent newly renovated pool and patio, are several of the many ammenities within Watters Crossing maintained by your homeowner dues.


Do You have areas where Grass won't Grow?


"Compared to shade trees and shrubs, ground covers are relative newcomers to North Texas landscaping. Many of us can remember when English ivy and trailing vinca were the only two turfgrass replacements you’d see in our gardens. That was partly because we hadn’t been exposed to the concept, and it was partly because good forms of edging hadn’t come into the marketplace"... (Read More)



"The truth about growing grass in the shade is this: You can’t. Trees want full sun and grasses want full sun. Trees win. Thinning the trees helps a little, for a while, but not long term; foliage grows back. Removing trees will work, but that’s usually not the best thing to do. "... (Read More)


ACC is Energy/Water Usage Sensitive

wchoaSome comments, questions, on new items presented to the ACC for Watters Crossing within the past year:

The ACC accepts rain barrel installations.  The prefered location is within the rear, fenced in yard locations.  These will be accepted on the sides of properties when completely concealed by a six (6) foot to eight (8) foot tall, solid fence panel.  The width of the panel is determined as needed for concealment.

The ACC accepts solar roof panels.  Indeed, the third home, located in Phase III, was recently approved for installation.  Panels will be mounted on rear, or in some cases, side roofs.

The ACC accepts plans for yard renovations / reconstructions using drought tolerant, low water usage plants, ground covers and more.

As with all exterior improvements, any of the above must be submitted to the ACC for review and approval proior to any construction commencing.  Project submissions now are easy using the online forms and most projects are expedited within the committee via email.  Project forms provide the ability to upload photos, plats, and other supporting documents.

The ACC thanks you for working within the Review Guidelines of Watters Crossing.


Thank You for Volunteering!

A little known, but important, volunteer position for Watters Crossing is the Tennis Court Coordinator.  Wayne Aguren has done a great job in tending to the tennis court in addition to his position as Vice President of the Board.  As mentioned in earlier articles, Wayne has moved from Watters Crossing to Dallas.  We thank Wayne for his years of service to Watters Crossing.

Taking over as Tennis Court Coordinator is Kathy Litinis of Cordova Drive.  All questions regarding the tennis court, reporting damage, or to obtain the access code, should be addressed to tenniscourt@watterscrossing.com for a response from Kathy.

In addition, Kathy has also volunteered to coordinate the Award Winning Yard program.  As noted elsewhere on this site, the Award Winning Yard program is a partnership between your HOA and Calloways.  This programs was previously coordinated by, with winners determined by, the Architectural Control Committee.

We want to thank Kathy for stepping up for these positions.  As a self-managed HOA, it is critical that we have volunteers to fill the many positions involved in Watters Crossing.  These efforts enable us to have HOA dues among the lowest, if not the lowest, in the area.

Watters Crossing Home Owners Association
Board of Officers


2014 WCHOA Calendar of Events



Volunteer Appreciation Night Friday, March 21 - By Invitation
Easter Egg Hunt Saturday, April 19
Pools Open Thursday, May 1
Semi-Annual Homeowner's Meeting Sunday, May 4
Spring Yard Sale Saturday, May 10
Spring Party Saturday, May 17
Fall Yard Sale Saturday, September 20
Pools Close Tuesday, September 30
Halloween Party Sunday, October 26
Semi-Annual Homeowner's Meeting Sunday, November 2
Holiday Social Friday, December 5
Judging for Holiday Lights Award Friday/Saturday, December 19 – 20


• Watters Crossing HOA Board meets 2nd Wednesday of every month.
• Watters Crossing Architectural Control Committee meets last Tuesday of every month, except December.
• Watters Crossing Playgroup meets every Friday

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WCHOA broadcasts, via E-mail, newsletters, important bulletins, events, and developments that may affect our community. This is the fastest way to disseminate information throughout our neighborhood.

Any information you provide remains confidential and undistributed.
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Upcoming Events

12/5/14 Holiday Social
12/19/14 Lights Contest




Welcoming Committee

New homeowners receive welcome packets from our Welcoming Committee.

Information can be obtained from



Tree Trimming
Special Promotion

As we approach winter, many of you may recall the damage inflicted on many trees within Watters Crossing by the ice storm in early December 2013.  Regular trimming of trees may not only help prevent such damage from happening by strengthening the tree, but also helps permit more light to reach grass during the summer months.

Plano Tree Care is the company that trims and removes trees as needed within Watters Crossing.  As they will be in the neighborhood and doing work for the HOA, Plano Tree Care is offering 15% off any tree service performed during the months of November, December, and January.  To schedule a service, please contact Aaron Benzene at Plano Tree Care at 469-628-3431.





Did You Know?

Boats are never permitted on any street in Watters Crossing overnight. They are permitted during the day only when actively loading and/or unloading."



Questions or Problems?

Information for questions or problems for Watters Crossing Residents
Click Here



WCHOA Crime Watch


To report suspicious, non-life threatening activity, please phone the City of Allen Non-Emergency number at 214-509-4321

Also, please visit the link below for further information:
City of Allen Police Community Relations

To ask a question concerning recent illegal activity within Watters Crossing, or to inquire regarding any rumors which you may have heard, please email crimewatch@watterscrossing.com. Your letter will go to the Watters Crossing Crime Watch Leader, who, in consultation with the City of Allen Police, will determine if the community should be alerted via the Watters Crossing web site and Watters Crossing email.

Crime Watch Tips

  • Make sure doors and windows are locked.
  • Make sure shades or window covers are closed when leaving the house.
  • Make sure alarm systems are set, operating properly and monitored.
  • Close garage door when you are out of the garage.
  • Make sure vehicles are locked when vacant
  • Do not leave valuables of any type in vehicles
Know your neighbor and look out for each other in a helpful way.



Save Your Pool Cards

Please remember to Retain your Pool Access Card for use in 2015.

Pool cards will NOT be reissued in 2015. The cost for a replacement card is $25.00.



Poly Cart Storage

The ACC is asking for everyone’s compliance with Section 4.7(h) of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions of Watters Crossing.  This section states:

All containers and other facilities for trash disposal must be located and screened in a manner approved by the Committee.

The Committee’s view regarding trash containers with respect to Section 4.7h of the Covenants is that poly carts, other than the day of pickup, must be concealed from view to any street.  Please note:

  • Poly carts are not to be moved to the ends of driveways until the evening of the day prior to collection
  • Poly carts must be removed from ends of driveways the night of the day of collection
  • Poly carts cannot be stored in any area visible to any street.  Concealment methods may include:

Fencing (note that ACC review is necessary prior to any construction)

Landscaping that results in immediate and complete concealment from view

Locating adjacent to garage, in garage, or rear yard, if such a location results in concealment from view

To further emphasize the above, it is a City of Allen Ordinance that poly carts must be removed from the ends of driveways to a concealed location following trash pickup.

During the growth of the past 20 years in Allen, Watters Crossing has become a highly desirable neighborhood in which to live.  Various realtors have made this statement at various community functions including the Semi-annual Homeowners’ Meetings.  We must all work together to maintain that desirability which also works to enhance our property values.  The continual visibility of a trash dumpster does nothing to enhance that value.  We do appreciate everyone’s cooperation with the enforcement of this Covenant.

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