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Award Winning Yards The ACC thanks the many homeowners who do such an outstanding job with their property in helping to contribute to the overall appearance of Watters Crossing. We are pleased to announce the September and October 2013 Award Winning Yards!
ACC Meeting The next meeting of the Architectural Control Committee will be on Tuesday July 29th, 2014 at the Watters Crossing Clubhouse at 7:00 PM. Visit the Architectural Control Page for details and view the procedure for submitting requests.


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Watters Crossing Pools

WCHOAThe Watters Crossing pools are open May 1st until September 30th.

Pool Hours 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

Pools and grounds are private property and for the use of Watters Crossing Residents only.  These are your amenities as a resident of Watters Crossing and paid for and maintained by your HOA Dues. 

Rental of the Clubhouse in no way includes reservation of the pool.  Please remember that Watters Crossing residents are permitted four (4) pool guests per family.  Planned parties, party decorations, and balloons are not permitted at either pool at any time.  This includes birthday parties, parties for soccer and other teams.  This is not meant to prohibit resident’s gatherings but to prohibit the use of the pools for a group “event” where the majority are not Watters Crossing residents.  The pools are for the enjoyment of Watters Crossing homeowners.

Pool Rules as Posted at each of our two pools:

Pools are private property and for the use of Watters Crossing Residents only.
Guests are limited to four per Watters Crossing resident who must be present.
Pool Hours 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

• No diving
• No running
• No pets
• No glass containers
• No bikes, skateboards, or roller blades 
• Each person is responsible to ensure that the pool gates are closed. 
• Pool gates are never to be propped open
• Only proper swimming attire allowed.  No cut-offs.
Children under the age of 13 must be attended by an adult.
• Clean diapers on young children required.
• Each family is responsible for any damage to pool and surrounding area.
Personal flotation devices are allowed,  Recreational flotation devices are prohibited.
• No food is permitted in or directly adjacent to the pool.
• Anyone creating a disturbance in the pool area will be asked to leave.
• Please can your trash. No smoking in all common areas of the pools and clubhouse


Watters Crossing Pool Card Access System

WCHOAAs many know, the HOA installed a new pool access system this year.  All homeowners were sent one card per home.  This card permits access to either of the two Watters Crossing Pools.  Your HOA would like to address a few questions which have come back following the pool openings;

In the past with the key codes on the pool locks, we had no way of controlling who was able to use the pools.  Ideally, only residents of WCHOA in good standing should be availed of the privilege to enjoy the amenities of our beautiful neighborhood.  With the new card system, we can turn cards on/off as required based on whether a card is lost, stolen, or the homeowner is not current (i.e., over 90 days in arrears) on dues payment. And with only one card, there is no code to share with those outside of Watters Crossing

It can take up to 10 days for dues payments to be received and processed by the HOA. This includes the time for our accountant to report on payments received.  When notified that a homeowner has paid any outstanding balance on dues, pool cards will be activated that same day, typically within a couple of hours, by the coordinator of poolaccess@watterscrossing.com

If you ever wonder where your Watters Crossing annual dues go, we hope you appreciate that they are applied mostly to the many amenities of your neighborhood.

If you frequently enjoy using the pools, please keep these guidelines in mind:

1. If someone tells you that his card “does not work,” then it has been deactivated for a specific reason.  We ask that you not admit him on your card.
2.  If someone indicates that she forgot her card, we ask that you not admit her unless you know her as a Watters Crossing resident.  We determined in 2013 that many people outside of Watters Crossing were making use of our / your pools, at your expense.

3.  Please protect your pool card as you would other personal information.  It is linked to your address and its use is documented in a pool access report.

4.  Note that the old keypad on the gate at the Phase II pool located at Newport Drive is inactive and cannot be used to gain access to the pool.  Your new access card should be used with the reader which is off to the side of the gate.

We appreciate your understanding and assistance in helping maintaining the integrity of Watters Crossing amenities.


Roof Replacement

WCHOAPlease be aware that roof replacements must be reviewed and approved by the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) prior to work starting.

It is not necessary to wait until the next scheduled meeting of the ACC and roof replacement reviews are routinely expedited.

Please utilize the online Roof Replacement form for expediting review.

Please note that using the color “Weathered Wood” will result in approval within two days. Review of any other color will require a color photo or link. The online forms permit uploading of photos. Also note that yard signs are prohibited by the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions of Watters Crossing and the installation of such signs will result in cancellation of approval.


Do You have areas where Grass won't Grow?


Published: 19 April 2014

"Compared to shade trees and shrubs, ground covers are relative newcomers to North Texas landscaping. Many of us can remember when English ivy and trailing vinca were the only two turfgrass replacements you’d see in our gardens. That was partly because we hadn’t been exposed to the concept, and it was partly because good forms of edging hadn’t come into the marketplace"... (Read More)


ACC is Energy/Water Usage Sensitive

wchoaSome comments, questions, on new items presented to the ACC for Watters Crossing within the past year:

The ACC accepts rain barrel installations.  The prefered location is within the rear, fenced in yard locations.  These will be accepted on the sides of properties when completely concealed by a six (6) foot to eight (8) foot tall, solid fence panel.  The width of the panel is determined as needed for concealment.

The ACC accepts solar roof panels.  Indeed, the third home, located in Phase III, was recently approved for installation.  Panels will be mounted on rear, or in some cases, side roofs.

The ACC accepts plans for yard renovations / reconstructions using drought tolerant, low water usage plants, ground covers and more.

As with all exterior improvements, any of the above must be submitted to the ACC for review and approval proior to any construction commencing.  Project submissions now are easy using the online forms and most projects are expedited within the committee via email.  Project forms provide the ability to upload photos, plats, and other supporting documents.

The ACC thanks you for working within the Review Guidelines of Watters Crossing.


Watters Crossing Neighborhood Crime Watch

To report suspicious, non-life threatening activity, please phone the City of Allen Non-Emergency number at 214-509-4321

Also, please visit the link below for further information:
City of Allen Police Community Relations

To ask a question concerning recent illegal activity within Watters Crossing, or to inquire regarding any rumors which you may have heard, please email crimewatch@watterscrossing.com. Your letter will go to the Watters Crossing Crime Watch Leader, who, in consultation with the City of Allen Police, will determine if the community should be alerted via the Watters Crossing web site and Watters Crossing email.

Crime Watch Tips

  • Make sure doors and windows are locked.
  • Make sure shades or window covers are closed when leaving the house.
  • Make sure alarm systems are set, operating properly and monitored.
  • Close garage door when you are out of the garage.
  • Make sure vehicles are locked when vacant
  • Do not leave valuables of any type in vehicles
Know your neighbor and look out for each other in a helpful way.


Safe Driving Reminder
Watters Crossing

The Architectural Control Committtee continues to receive complaints concerning two issues:

Alley Speeding;  the speed limit in alleys is posted at 10 mph.  We have received complaints of speeding which is a major concern of people with small children.  Additionally, most of the alleys in Watters Crossing have 90 degree turns at the entrances, causing visiblity issues.  We ask you to be sensitive to your neighbors and please adhere to the alley speed limit, regardless of time of day

On-Street Parking:  Complaints include the number of cars parked together, cars parked on both sides of the street, and cars parked too close to stop signs.  These situations cause visibility issues and there is a great concern for the children here.  Please be considerate of your neighbors.  DO NOTE:

  • We ask homeowners to be extremely sensitive to Bel Air Drive.  It is the main feeder street within Watters Crossing and also the route of the hike and bike trail along most of its length.  On it are the various playgrounds, the tennis court, and the clubhouse.  We would ask homeowners to avoid parking on Bel Air Drive, especially overnight, due to the higher vehicle traffic and number of pedestrians, including children and pets.
  • Garages must be maintained to allow for the parking of the number of vehicles inside for which they were designed.  Garages cannot be converted to another use; i.e. storage.  No boats, trailers, vehicles can be stored in the driveway in front of a garage door and prevent that bay from being used.  Note that if anything is preventing a homeowner from parking two (or three per design) vehicles within their garage, it is a violation of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions of Watters Crossing.

We greatly appreciate all homeowners concern and help with these issues.



2014 WCHOA Calendar of Events



Volunteer Appreciation Night Friday, March 21 - By Invitation
Easter Egg Hunt Saturday, April 19
Pools Open Thursday, May 1
Semi-Annual Homeowner's Meeting Sunday, May 4
Spring Yard Sale Saturday, May 10
Spring Party Saturday, May 17
Fall Yard Sale Saturday, September 20
Pools Close Tuesday, September 30
Halloween Party Sunday, October 26
Semi-Annual Homeowner's Meeting Sunday, November 2
Holiday Social Friday, December 5
Judging for Holiday Lights Award Friday/Saturday, December 19 – 20


• Watters Crossing HOA Board meets 2nd Wednesday of every month.
• Watters Crossing Architectural Control Committee meets last Tuesday of every month, except December.
• Watters Crossing Playgroup meets every Friday

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WCHOA broadcasts, via E-mail, newsletters, important bulletins, events, and developments that may affect our community. This is the fastest way to disseminate information throughout our neighborhood.

Any information you provide remains confidential and undistributed.
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Upcoming Events

7/29/14 ACC Meeting





WCHOA Volunteers

One of the unique things about Watters Crossing is that the Home Owner’s Association is completely self-managed: no management fees are incurred.  Every dollar of your HOA dues goes directly to maintain and improve Watters Crossing.

The Watters Crossing Board would like to express our appreciation to our Treasurer Neil D’Cunha for his service to our Board. Neil has informed the Board that due to increased professional duties, he must resign. He has done a fabulous job for us for several years. Thanks Neil for the countless hours you have given to us.

As a result we have an immediate opening for a new Treasurer. If you have an accounting background and desire to serve our awesome subdivision in this capacity, please send an email to: Board@watterscrossing.com

We welcome the opportunity to discuss this position and the responsibilities with you. Neil will be making the transition with our new Treasurer to ensure smooth sailing. Thanks again Neil for a job well done! We will miss you.



Welcoming Committee

New homeowners receive welcome packets from our Welcoming Committee.

Information can be obtained from





Did You Know?

Boats are never permitted on any street in Watters Crossing overnight. They are permitted during the day only when actively loading and/or unloading."



Questions or Problems?

Information for questions or problems for Watters Crossing Residents
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