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Board Meeting The next Watters Crossing meeting of Board Officers is Wednesday, June 12th, 2019 at the Clubhouse at 7:00 PM. Homeowners are welcome to attend any meeting. We ask that if you wish to attend, you please email secretary@watterscrossing.com accordingly. AGENDA
ACC Meeting The next meeting of the Architectural Control Committee will be on Tuesday, June 24th , 2019 at the Watters Crossing Clubhouse at 7:00 PM. Visit the Architectural Control Page for details and view the procedure for submitting requests. AGENDA

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Sponsors Supporting

Watters Crossing

Bounce For Fun

Choice Air Care

Card My Yard

Duck Fence

  Environment Control

Fresh Coat Painters

Lon Smith Roofing

Manders Maintenance

Nine Band Brewing

  Plano Tree Care

  Robert Burns Pool Maintenance

Triumph Roofing

Mary Kuykendall, Keller Williams Realty

Michelle Massi, Ebby Halliday Realty

First Friday Films At the Clubhouse Pool

A new movie is shown the First Friday of every month during pool season. Bring your cooler (no glass please) and come to the Clubhouse Pool for swimming and a movie. Movies start at approximately 8:30 PM. Click HERE for the 2019 Movie Schedule.

A BIG Thanks to Spring Party 2019 Volunteers

The Watters Crossing Spring Party 2019 was a huge success. We had great weather and a great turnout. Your Spring Party is possible due to the many volunteers who helped plan, set-up, and work during the party, and clean up. And we had a big increase in volunteers. Almost all volunteer slots were filled for the party. We want to give a big THANKS to all those volunteers for helping to make Watters Crossing a great neighborhood and a fun place to live.

Ed Goodwin Sharon Wigder Mike Shisko
Neil D’Cunha Brian Bull Andrew Bull
Monica Bull Steven Kerrigan Dave Tanner
Jeff Fortune Katelyn Kerrigan Julissa Estrada
Eric Green Laura Patterson Marcia Ackerman
Mike Sayles Brooke Smith Alex Estrada
Bill Perman Christina Dean Brian Mackey
Gary Patterson Jack Laskowitz Debby Perman
Marty Wigder Christina Mackey Brian Mackey
Michelle Massi Patsy Goodwin Tuan Bui
Pete March Mandy Markee Kyle Markee
Linda Allen Gordon Allen Hady Salama
Joe Smith Martha Pursley Caris Dunn
Casey Luna Molly Laskowitz Payton Graumann
Jodi Sekula Bob Ackerman Karen Sayles
Tyler Smith Emily Estrada Lisa Moore
Len Catanach Pam Catanach Joyce Paul
Lauren Kerrigan Justin Wallraven Trent Armstrong
Rebecca Herbig Leroy Foster Rocky Carpenter
Kim Carpenter Katie Armstrong Dylan D’Cunha
Callie Fortune Veronica Luna Heather Hanselka
Steve Sekula Jennifer Graumann Gladice Wallraven
Marci Dolton Ashlyn Dolton Alex Bull
Larry Ciske Aubrey Moore

And if anyone was missed, please let us know.


  • The pretzel bakers for volunteering three hours in a hot clubhouse baking pretzels for the party.
  • Lauren Kerrigan for working with the food truck reps months prior to the party so we had great food.
  • Mike Shisko for DJ’ing the party.
  • Pete March for delivering pop, water, and kids drinks.
  • Steven Kerrigan and Eric Green for delivering six kegs of beer.
  • Your Board, Michelle Massi, Mike Shisko, Mary Kuykendall, and Marcia Ackerman, for their support.

Remember that, with the exception of the recently outsourced Financials, Watters Crossing is a completely self-managed HOA. Volunteers are always needed and if you wish to volunteer, please contact secretary@watterscossing.com or acc@watterscrossing.com

Watters Crossing Spring Party 2019 Sponsor Support

We want to thank our many sponsors of Spring Party 2019 for their continued support of our community!

Manders Maintenance Manders Maintenance has been caring for Watters Crossing common areas for over 20 years. They also work with homeowners within Watters Crossing for private installations.

Plano Tree Care 469-628-3431 Plano Tree Care has been trimming and removing dead / fallen trees in Watters Crossing for years. Contact Aaron Benzene for your professional tree trimming needs.

Duck Fence The owners of Duck Fence have lived in Watters Crossing for years. Duck has installed many private fences in Watters Crossing and maintains our perimeter fences.

Bounce For Fun Bounce For Fun is the provider of inflatables and much of the entertainment for the Spring Party. Contact Paul Spurrow for your party needs.

Environment Control Our clean restrooms at both pools and Clubhouse cleaning is provided by Environment Control.

Choice Air of McKinneyChoice Air of McKinney A new sponsor, Choice Air of McKinney is also the sponsor of our First Friday Films throughout pool season.

Burns Pool Service 214-929-7665 Robert Burns tends to both Watters Crossing pools on a daily basis.

Card My Yard Ross and Ashley Moshell live in Watters Crossing and provide our welcome signing. You’ve probably seen some of the installations around the neighborhood.

Nine Band Brewing Visit Nine Band Brewing on Prestige Circle, a local Allen brewery.

Care Now

State Farm Insurance

Environment Control

Many of our sponsors have been with us for years. Look to them as a first stop when shopping for any of these services.

Pools Now Open

Great news! Finishing touches are being completed on the restrooms at the Clubhouse Pool in time for opening. Your existing pool card is needed for access to either pool. Replacement cards for lost or misplaced cards can be obtained by sending an email to poolaccess@watterscrossing.com There is a $25 charge for replacement cards. Cards are limited to ONE per home address. Continue reading pool rules

Movies at the Clubhouse Pool continue in 2019. Click HERE for the 2019 Movie Schedule.

WANTED: Playgroup Coordinator

We want to thank, Kelly McCawley, who has been our volunteer as the Watters Crossing Playgroup Coordinator since September 2015. She will be missed. We are now in the process of looking for a volunteer to step in as Playgroup Coordinator.

The Watters Crossing Playgroup is open to parents with children 5 and under. The playgroup meets weekly on Friday mornings at 10:30 AM. Meetings are held at the Watters Crossing Park located on the corner of Bel Air Drive and Newport Drive. The playgroup may visit other nearby Allen parks, attend local events such as story time at the library, or we may schedule special activities and/or field trips. All news and updates regarding the playgroup are communicated in the private Facebook group.

If you are interested in helping your your community, please email Kelly at playgroup@watterscrossing.com and she can explain what is involved in the position.

Cars, Trucks, Garages, and More

The ACC typically receives complaints, comments, and concerns regarding on-street parking. The Declaration of of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions of Watters Crossing permits on-street parking of licensed motor vehicles. Note that boats, trailers, and recreational vehicles may never be parked on any street within Watters Crossing unless actively loading or unloading.
With that said, we would ask all homeowners to be mindful of their neighbors:

  • Avoid parking directly at an intersection, alley entrance, or stop sign which creates blind spots for turning drivers
  • Avoid parking directly opposite another car on your street as it creates both blind spots and difficulty for passing vehicles
  • Avoid, where possible, parking on Bel Air Drive; this street is heavily traveled by pedestrians (with kids and dogs) using the Hike and Bike trail. It also passes a number of areas of congestion including the Clubhouse, the Clubhouse Pool, the tennis court, three parks, and a school crossing.
Finally, while the Covenants permit on-street parking, Section 4.4 does restrict garage usage to parking of motor vehicles:

Section 4.4 Garage Required. Each Residence shall have a two-car garage conforming with then-applicable City zoning ordinances and codes, and the garage must conform in design and materials with the main structure of the Residence. No garage shall be converted to living space or used in any manner so as to preclude the parking of two automobiles therein, except for temporary usage as part of the sales facilities contained in any model homes constructed by a home builder.

Garrage  Your Car Called and Wants its Garage Back.

  Two car garages cannot be adapted to other usages, such as storage, an exercise area, or   permanent workshop. They must be maintained to hold two vehicles. Any usage that prevents   the usage as intended of holding two vehicles is a violation of the Covenants.

We do appreciate everything homeowners do to help keep our neighbor attractive and safe to travel.

Easter Egg Hunt Saturday, April 20
Easter Sunday Sunday, April 21
Volunteer Appreciation Night Friday, March 1 By Invitation Only
Pools Open Wednesday, May 1
Spring Party Saturday, May 4
Spring Yard Sale Saturday, May 11
Semi-Annual Homeowner's Meeting Sunday, May 5
Mothers Day Sunday, May 12
Fathers' Day Sunday, June 16
SPLASH! 2019 Saturday, August 24
Fall Yard Sale Saturday, September 28
Pools Close Tuseday, October 1
Halloween Party Sunday, October 27
Semi-Annual Homeowner's Meeting Sunday, November 3
Holiday Social Friday, December 6
Judging for Holiday Lights Award Week of December 15
  • WCHOA Board Meets 3rd Monday of every month.
  • ACC meets last Tuesday of every month.
  • WCHOA Playgroup meets every Friday.

Local Weather

Click for Allen, Texas Forecast

Members Only Information

Get WCHOA Email !

WCHOA broadcasts, via E-mail, newsletters, important bulletins, events, and developments that may affect our community. This is the fastest way to disseminate information throughout our neighborhood.

Any information you provide remains confidential and undistributed.
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WCHOA Crime Watch


To report suspicious, non-life threatening activity, please phone the City of Allen Non-Emergency number at 214-509-4321

Also, please visit the link below for further information:
City of Allen Police Community Relations

To ask a question concerning recent illegal activity within Watters Crossing, or to inquire regarding any rumors which you may have heard, please email crimewatch@watterscrossing.com. Your letter will go to the Watters Crossing Crime Watch Leader, who, in consultation with the City of Allen Police, will determine if the community should be alerted via the Watters Crossing web site and Watters Crossing email.

Crime Watch Tips

  • Make sure doors and windows are locked.
  • Make sure shades or window covers are closed when leaving the house.
  • Make sure alarm systems are set, operating properly and monitored.
  • Close garage door when you are out of the garage.
  • Make sure vehicles are locked when vacant
  • Do not leave valuables of any type in vehicles
Know your neighbor and look out for each other in a helpful way.

Report a Streetlight Problem

Streetlights in Watters Crossing are not maintained by your Homeowners Association. They belong to, and are maintained, by Oncor Electric. Problems, including lamps not working, can be reported online at

www.oncor.com Phone calls can also be placed to.


WCHOA Volunteers

Playgroup Leader
Email playgroup@watterscrossing.com
if you would like information on filling this spot.

Tennis Court Leader
Email acc@watterscrossing.com
if you would like information on filling this spot.

Welcoming Committee

New homeowners receive welcome packets from our Welcoming Committee. Information can be obtained at welcoming@watterscrossing.com

Tennis Court Access

The code for the tennis court gate is located in the Members Only portion of the website

Did You Know?

All Watters Crossing Homeowners Association offical information is available and posted only at www.watterscrossing.com The Watters Crossing HOA does not support nor endorse comments, opinions, and other actions on social media sites.

Questions or Problems?

Information for questions or problems for Watters Crossing Residents Click Here

Save Your Pool Cards

Please remember to retain your Pool Access Cards  for future use..  Pool cards will NOT be reissued.  The cost of a replacement card is $25 and is limited to one card per address.  For replacement cards, please email: poolaccess@watterscrossing.com

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