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Board Meeting The next Watters Crossing meeting of Board Officers is Monday June 19th, 2023 at 7:00PM Homeowners are welcome to attend any meeting. TO ATTEND A BOARD MEETING; Standing Board Agenda
ACC Meeting Architectural Control Committee meets 7:00 PM last Tuesday of every odd number month. Architectural Control Page for details and view the procedure for submitting requests. TO ATTEND AN ACC MEETING: AGENDA

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TX Neighborhood Coalition Update, 5/25/2023

Dear All,
What a major-league set of achievements by you and all the Texas Neighborhood Coalition members the past two days – and the past three months!# Read more ……

2023 Homeowners Annual Meeting

Minutes to the Homeowners Annual Meeting of May 7, 2023, have been posted online at www.watterscrossing.com in the Members Only link. The election for two Board officers resulted in the incumbents, Denny Adelman and Katie Armstrong returning to the Board for another term. We thank Mike Callahan and Muhammad Ahmed for stepping up and running for these positions as we acknowledge the importance of participation of all volunteers to Watters Crossing.

ACC Reminders Roof Replacement

All exterior improvements must be submitted to the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) for review and approval prior to any work commencing. This includes all roof replacements. Please submit a Roof Replacement form from www.watterscrossing.com when planning on roof replacement. Guidelines for Roof Replacement are located HERE.

The ACC does expedite roof reviews. Note that the most common roof color in Watters Crossing is typically referred to as "Weathered Wood".

Also, no contractor signs are permitted at any time in Watters Crossing. Installations of such signs will result in violation letters to the homeowner. We appreciate your help with this.

Pools Open Monday, May 1

Both Watters Crossing pools will open Monday, May 1. Your existing pool card is needed for access to either pool. Replacement cards for lost or misplaced cards can be obtained by sending an email to poolaccess@watterscrossing.com There is a $25 charge for replacement cards. Cards are limited to ONE per home address. Continue reading pool rules

Updated Park Re-opens

Bring the kids to the updated Phase III Playscape. Located at Bel Air Drive and Placer Drive, amenities at the renovated park now include:

  • New benches and picnic tables
  • Charcoal grilling station
  • Six adult exercise stations
  • Cornhole (bring your own beanbags)
  • Checkers, Backgammon, and Chess boards (bring your own game pieces)
  • Gaga Ball Pit
  • Original play equipment, swings
  • Free Little Library
Plan a picnic. Fire up the grill and have a good time
WANTED: Playgroup Coordinator

We want to thank, Jennifer Dartez, who has been our volunteer as the Watters Crossing Playgroup Coordinator since 2019. She will be missed. We are now in the process of looking for a volunteer to step in as Playgroup Coordinator.

The Watters Crossing Playgroup is open to parents with children 5 and under. The playgroup meets weekly on Friday mornings at 10:30 AM. Meetings are held at the City of Allen Watters Crossing Park, located on the corner of Bel Air Drive and Newport Drive. (This can be adjusted as needed by the new coordinator). The playgroup may visit other nearby Allen parks, attend local events such as story time at the library, or there may be scheduled special activities and/or field trips. The Easter Egg Hunt (Saturday, April 8, 2023) is managed by the Playgroup Coordinator. All news and updates regarding the playgroup are communicated in the private Facebook group.

If you are interested in helping your community, please email Jennifer at playgroup@watterscrossing.com and she can explain what is involved in the position. Please remember to cc secretary@watterscrossing.com

Information on Texas Neighborhood Coalition and Short-Term Rentals

As the TX legislature begins, the Texas Neighborhood Coalition TNC) on Short Term Rentals is looking to send the attached letter (below)to state representatives.

Please click HERE for a view of a recent Texas Monthly article on short term rentals.

Please click HERE to see the TNC Short Term Rental letter.

Please click HERE to see a suggested, personalized letter to send to your state senator and representative with the TNC letter.

Click HERE to find your representative and senator

Click HERE to view the entire Texas House of Representatives and contact info

Click HERE to view the entire Texas Senate and contact info

Click HERE to view City of Allen City Council and contact info.

Did You Know?

It is a Texas state law that a vehicle cannot be parked closer to a stop sign than 30 feet. The Board of Directors and the Architectural Control Committee frequently receive complaints concerning on-street parking within Watters Crossing. Complaints include the number of cars parked together, cars parked on both sides of the road, cars parked too close to stop signs, and more. These situations cause visibility issues and there is a great concern for the children here. Please be considerate of your neighbors.

We would ask all homeowners:

  • Avoid parking directly at an intersection, alley entrance, or stop signs.
  • Avoid parking directly opposite another car on your street as it creates both blind spots and difficulty for passing vehicles.
  • Do not park in front of your neighbor’s home (this is a frequent complaint)
  • Avoid, where possible, parking on Bel Air Drive; this street is heavily traveled by pedestrians (with kids and dogs) using the Hike and Bike trail. As a main feeder street, it passes a number of areas of congestion including the Clubhouse, the Clubhouse Pool, the tennis court, three parks, and two school crossings.
  • No car can be parked in the street and covered as if in storage.
  • RVs, boats, watercraft, and trailers, can never be parked in the streets in Watters Crossing except for immediate loading and unloading; never overnight. And…Did you Know?
    While the Covenants do not prohibit on-street parking, Section 4.4 does restrict garage usage to parking of motor vehicles. Garages must be maintained to allow for the parking of the number of vehicles inside for which they were designed. Garages cannot be used for:
  • Storage
  • Exercise Areas
  • Workshops

  • If the above, or other, usage prevents the garage from housing two (or three) vehicles, it is a violation of the Covenants. Violation notices of Section 4.4 of the Covenants will be sent as violations occur.
  • Use your garage as intended and required.
  • If needed, use your driveway for parking.
  • Lastly, park in the street while being mindful of your neighbors when parking there
Trees and the Contractors who “Trim”

We would alert homeowners to use caution when selecting anyone to trim your trees. There are many groups driving the neighborhood offering the service of “tree trimming”. Please ensure you research who you are using. Yes, you can get a lower price, but results can be a problem. Some flags to look for:

  • The contractor leaves all the limbs and debris from the trimming. The City of Allen requires that all contractors trimming trees remove from the property all trimming and debris.
  • The “trimming” results in stumps
    • Limbs should be trimmed to natural joints. When stumps are left, typically the stub will rot back to the tree. This is usually after it has sent out multiple suckers. The canopy of the tree is destroyed.
    • The overall limb structure is weakened, making the tree susceptible to ice and storm damage
All dates subject to change or cancellation. Updated 3/15/2023
Pools Open Monday, May 1 Clubhouse & Newport Drive 8:00AM-10:00PM
First Friday Film Friday, June 2 Phase I/Clubhouse Pool 8:30PM
First Friday Film Friday, July 7 Phase I/Clubhouse Pool 8:30PM
First Friday Film Friday, August 4 Phase I/Clubhouse Pool 8:30PM
Splash! Saturday, August 19 Phase II/Newport Pool 3:00PM-10:00PM
First Friday Film Friday, September 1 Phase I/Clubhouse Pool 8:30PM
Fall Yard Sale Saturday, September 23 Neighbourhood 8:00AM-3:00PM
Pool Close Saturday, September 30 Clubhouse & Newport Drive 10:00PM
Dog SPLASH! Saturday, October 7 Phase I/Clubhouse Pool 12:00PM-3:00PM
Feels Like Fall Saturday, October 14 Phase I Pond Grounds 2:00PM-9:00PM
Holiday Social Friday, December 1 Clubhouse 6:00 PM-10:00PM
Judging for Holiday Lights Week of December 17 Neighbourhood 7:00PM
  • WCHOA Board Meets 7:00 PM 3rd Monday of every month.
  • ACC meets 7:00 PM last Tuesday of every other month (odd numbered month).
  • WCHOA Playgroup meets every Friday.
Join the community list. Visit www.watterscrossing.com

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Members Only Information

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WCHOA broadcasts, via E-mail, newsletters, important bulletins, events, and developments that may affect our community. This is the fastest way to disseminate information throughout our neighborhood.

Any information you provide remains confidential and undistributed.
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WCHOA Crime Watch


Pool Alert: It has been brought to our attention that there is a black market for pool equipment at the present time. Pool equipment is being stolen from backyards, even during the day. Please keep your fence locked and be aware.

To report suspicious, non-life threatening activity, please phone the City of Allen Non-Emergency number at 214-509-4321

Also, please visit the link below for further information:
City of Allen Police Community Relations

To ask a question concerning recent illegal activity within Watters Crossing, or to inquire regarding any rumors which you may have heard, please email crimewatch@watterscrossing.com. Your letter will go to the Watters Crossing Crime Watch Leader, who, in consultation with the City of Allen Police, will determine if the community should be alerted via the Watters Crossing web site and Watters Crossing email.

Crime Watch Tips

  • Make sure doors and windows are locked.
  • Make sure shades or window covers are closed when leaving the house.
  • Make sure alarm systems are set, operating properly and monitored.
  • Close garage door when you are out of the garage.
  • Make sure vehicles are locked when vacant
  • Do not leave valuables of any type in vehicles
Know your neighbor and look out for each other in a helpful way.

Report a Streetlight Problem

Streetlights in Watters Crossing are not maintained by your Homeowners Association. They belong to, and are maintained, by Oncor Electric. Problems, including lamps not working, can be reported online at

www.oncor.com Phone calls can also be placed to.

Welcoming Committee

New homeowners receive welcome packets from our Welcoming Committee. Information can be obtained at welcoming@watterscrossing.com

Did You Know?

All Watters Crossing Homeowners Association offical information is available and posted only at www.watterscrossing.com The Watters Crossing HOA does not support nor endorse comments, opinions, and other actions on social media sites.

Questions or Problems?

Information for questions or problems for Watters Crossing Residents Click Here

Save Your Pool Cards

Please remember to retain your Pool Access Cards  for future use..  Pool cards will NOT be reissued.  The cost of a replacement card is $25 and is limited to one card per address.  For replacement cards, please email: poolaccess@watterscrossing.com

Pool Rules

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