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Volunteer Directory

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Watters Crossing Homeowners Association - Volunteer

The WCHOA invites you to get involved in your community! This enthusiastic, productive group of dedicated volunteers generously donates its time and talents to assure the continued success of our Homeowners Association, and in turn keeps our Association Fees very low.

As a volunteer, you will help to support and promote an appreciation of your neighborhood. Each area of volunteer assistance is a vital part of the continuing operation of the WCHOA. Volunteer opportunities exist throughout the year. Whether you can donate your time on a regular basis or only occasionally, we invite you to put your own interests, special skills and talents to work for the Community.

We appreciate all the volunteers that help maintain the value of our community and keep our homeowners' association fees so low! To learn more about any of the opportunities below email one of the following:

Michelle Massi, president@watterscrossing.com

Mary Kuykendall, secretary@watterscrossing.com


Yard Sale Leader

Watters Crossing is in immediate need of a leader for the two yard sales we have each year:

  • Updates sign-up form and posts at www.watterscrossing.com four weeks prior to sale
  • Collects fees dropped off at leaders home
  • Posts ads for sale
  • Installs entrance signs one week prior to sale
  • Installs community wide signs day prior to say
  • Removes all signs following sale



Tool Time Leader

  • Conducts periodic inspections of HOA facilities
  • Coordinates group of volunteers to provide minor repairs within the HOA
  • In collaboration with the HOA board, schedules with outside contractors for repairs when repairs are more than “minor” or no one is available from Tool Time to repair
  • Note: Tool Time Leader is not responsible for all neighborhood facility maintenance. Tool Time leader is a technical liaison to the HOA Board who has the ability to perform very minor repairs when necessary or as his/her time dictates.
  • Start Date: 1/1/2016



Tool Time Volunteers

  • Works with Tool Time Leader to complete minor repairs within the HOA
  • Start Date: anytime
















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